5 Small Businesses to Start in 2017

Starting a business is always good, and we have compiled the top 5 small businesses to start your 2017 with a bang. Extremely big amount of money is required to get started, but, just like any other businesses, a decent capital should be taken into consideration, and a full load of hard work, perseverance and desire for success is required.


1 Web Designing

This is perfect for those gifted with great imagination and skills in art and technology. Web designing is currently taking the world by storm. Its is always on top list of business opportunities in earning a good sum of money. Big companies often hire web designers to create their websites, and if you prove that you are ahead of anybody else, you have the potential to really make it big in the online business industry, plus your experience and expertise will only continue to grow, same with your rate or professional fee. So, if you have knowledge of coding , HTML, and some designing skills, web designing is perfect for you and 2017 will be your year to rise and shine.


2 Online Store

Online stores and shops make lucrative earnings for the past few years. You can basically sell anything online and make money without having to spend big amounts on getting a physical store, you will be able to save what is intended for rent and use it for other use in your online shop. The selling of vintage or antiques is making a lot of money these days. You may find it beneficial for you to give it a try, there are many online platforms and websites that you can use in selling your items. Your social media accounts can also be used in selling your items, but that will limit your audience and getting involved with online platforms like eBay or Shopify will always be the best choice for small online selling businesses.


3 Be a Fitness Trainer

This type of business is expected to rise in 2017. The demand for fitness trainers are getting high because people are now more aware and conscious of their health, wellness, and fitness. Exercising, yoga, dancing and the likes are now well embraced by people of different ages, both men and women alike. So if you have what it takes to be a fitness trainer, this small business opportunity is best for you. You may provide your services from your home or you may offer to do it in your client’s place. The freedom of choosing is always yours.


4 Social Media Consultant

If you are confident enough that you know your way around social media and have knowledge of designing or maintaining social media marketing, then this is perfect for you. Most companies use the social media to connect to their audience, their customers, because it is the easiest and fastest way with the rise of modern technology. But, most of them cannot afford to finance a separate department dedicated for managing  social media. So if you are a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube expert, you will be the perfect person for this task.



5 Tutorial Services

Despite the information available in the Internet, the tutorial services market is still highly in demand because nothing beats or surpasses the shared space instruction that can be provided by tutoring. So, if you boast of an excellent track record academically  and scholastically, starting tutorial business is good for your 2017.